Los Cabos

Since we went to Italy in 2006, we decided to have a more relaxing vacation in 2007. So, we chose Los Cabos, Mexico located on the Baja Peninsula. We went in Aug 07, and it was HOT, reaching 100 degrees almost everyday. But, I love the heat, and it made for very pleasant nights. We stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose resort. Neil’s coworker hooked us up with his timeshare since he wasn’t using it, so we got a sweet deal. It was a beautiful resort, with an excellent location. We were able to walk to the beach bars, town, marina, etc in no time. I love walking on vacation, because it’s the only exercise I get. And, you get to see so much more by walking around, and getting lost.

Our days started out with breakfast in the room. I actually made breakfast every morning. We bought coffee, eggs, bread, jamon, cheese, etc from a grocery store nearby. Then, we would grab some lounge chairs at the hotel pool or the beach. The beach was gorgeous, but I thought the water was a little rough, so I stayed clear. Neil would read, and I would get restless. I’m not one to relax…ever. Neil got hungry for lunch pretty quickly though, so I didn’t suffer too long. We would grab lunch at one of the beach bars, or walk into town. The beach bars were a lot of fun. We went to The Office, Mango Deck, and Baja Cantina. Margaritas and daiquiris were a daily and refreshing part of our diet. All the beach bars were really touristy, and “spring-break” like, but it was quite entertaining….as long as you aren’t the one doing the entertaining. There are A LOT of vendors on the beach. You just have to learn to ignore them. Also, be aware, that EVERYONE there is trying to sell you a timeshare. Again, just politely say no, and all is good. They are just doing their job. None of this really bothered me at all.

One thing I didn’t expect was authentic Mexican food in Cabo. I expected it to be touristy and overly commercialized. Touristy it was, but we ate some mouth watering, authentic Mexican throughout the week. We found a taco place in town, called Gardenias. It was a total hole in the wall, but wow. For $2, you will eat the best tacos ever. The shrimp and fish tacos were my favorite. They even give a personal fixins bar that contains fresh crema, pickled veggies, salsa, etc. We loved this place, and haven’t had anything as good over here. We ate at some other great places too, which I’ll get to a little later.

Some days, we’d walk over to the Marina. The marina is packed with more restaurants, bars and enormous yachts. It’s a really nice area to stroll through during the day and evening. There’s a great gelato place on the Marina too, called Senor Sweets. We took an afternoon trip to Pueblo’s sister resort, the Pueblo Sunset Beach resort, which is located on the Pacific side of Cabo. While, the location isn’t ideal, the views alone are worth it. The entire resort has breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean and you can literally see out for miles. The resort itself was also gorgeous, laid out with villas and beautiful landscaping throughout.

Ok, so back to the food. Here are the places we ate at, and a couple that we missed out on:

The Office
On the beach. Food is really good, but very pricey. They serve pina coladas in a pineapple. Also, they serve Micheladas, a spice mix that you add to beer. I had a sip of Neil’s, and it was pretty tasty.

Mango Deck
On the beach. This was the most “spring break” type place. There’s a “tequila man” running around pouring tequila shots down people’s throats. It was a fun break in the afternoon to see people makes fools of themselves. Food not great, but 2 for 1 specials on drinks!

Baja Cantina
On the beach and Marina. Food is also not great, but 2 for 1 specials on their drinks!

Best tacos ever!!! Super cheap! Need I say more?

Mariscos Mazatlan
In town. We went for dinner. It wasn’t as touristy as other restaurants, with a lot of locals eating there. The food was decent. Very inexpensive. I don’t think I’d go back though.

Peacocks Restaurant
Beautiful restaurant with lovely d├ęcor that serves excellent seafood. It wasn’t as lively as others, but, this may be due to being there in the ‘off’ season. But, the food was delicious and the presentation also very artistic.

Mi Casa
Really touristy restaurant in town, but surprisingly very authentic. Everything we ordered was fantastic, from duck carnitas to spiced sea bass. This place also makes the best margarita in Cabo! I was smashed! Prices are reasonable.

Nick San
In town. Upscale sushi infused with Mexican. This was the best sushi I’ve had next to San Francisco. Must go! It’s a little on the pricey side.

Sunset De Mona Lisa
Italian/seafood restaurant with breathtaking views of the sunset and ocean. We went on our last night and got a table on the terrace that overlooks the ocean. The food was decent and definitely pricey. You are paying more for the ambiance and views though. Be sure to go before the sun sets! We barely made it! Also, make sure when making a reservation that you request a table next to the railing overlooking the sea.

Missed out on this one, b/c we couldn’t pass over doing lunch at Gardenias. But, my friends said that it had awesome pork tacos and was really cheap.

El Meson De Zapata
Missed out on this one. My friends went, and they said it was one of the best restaurants they ate at. A lot of locals go there too. They enjoyed the seafood and Molcajetes with tortillas there.

Missed out on this one too :( This is one of the restaurants featured on Giada's Weekend Getaway to Cabo. It’s touristy and pricey, but I hear the food is worth it. Ceaser salad is made table side, although that’s something that all the restaurants here have picked up on. The lobster is suppose to be amazing.

Other than eat, we tried to hit up some of the nightlife. We went to the Passions lounge at Nikki Beach, Cabo Wabo, and the Zoo. Nikki Beach was my favorite. We also did a few water activites, such as parasailing and jet skiing.

Los Cabos was definitely a fun, relaxing vacation. It’s nice to be able to switch it up between relaxation and exploration. I’ll definitely go back, hopefully finding more “hidden” authentic restaurants in town. This year, 2008, we’re switching it up to Turkey though…doubt I’ll be relaxing, but I’m guaranteed to dine well :)


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Sonal, your travels and your recipes have inspired this "vegetarian" to try different recipes! ...your descriptive writing style really brings food "to life" ...so to speak :-)
Keep up the blog. I love reading it!