The metropolitan area is finally getting a nice collection of wine bars, and Penn Quarter’s, Proof is at the top of the bunch. A group of us went there for dinner, and overall, it was enjoyable. It serves “modern cuisine” in a very trendy dining room. Wine is obviously the focus, and there are some great ones to choose from. It can be a difficult choice, so Proof offers wine in 2 oz., 4oz, and 6 oz pours.

I think what sets Proof apart from wine bars like Veritas and Vinoteca, is that the menu is substantial. However, the portions are pretty small, and the prices are steep. I don’t think the food was spectacular enough for me to return often for dinner (given the prices), but I will return for some wine and cheese.

We ordered wine by the bottle, and I can’t even remember what it was. All I know is that it was yummy, and I don’t think you can go wrong w/ most of the wine list here. Their sommelier, Sebastian Zutant , is becoming a local celebrity, and has some great selections.

For dinner, they start you off with a citrusy yogurt/mascarpone (I think) mixture accompanied by flatbread crisps. What followed was tasty for the most part, but small. Below is what I can remember from our order:


- Charcuterie- the meats were fantastic. We got an assortment of Serrano, bresaola, prosciutto, coppa, speck, and even some chicken pate. There were some really nice cheeses on the plate as well.
- Gnocchi w/ chanterelles- It was ok, not very pillowy.
- Braised meatballs w/ goat cheese angolotti- The meatballs alone were not very moist, but the angolotti and the sauce were fabulous.
- Tuna Tartare w/ avocado and tempura- This was beautifully presented and very refreshing. The fish was also very fresh.


- Miso Glazed wild Sablefish- The fish was very tender and flaky, but a little on the bland side. There wasn’t enough flavor from the sauce.
- Venison w/ Brussel Sprouts- This was amazing, and one of the better venison dishes I’ve had. The sauce was perfect and the venison extremely tender and flavorful. Even the brussel sprouts were good! I believe they were flash fried.
- Grilled Hanger Steak- I didn’t get to try this one, but those who did liked it. I wouldn’t order steak at a place like this though.


- Goat cheese cheesecake- Served in a glass, the presentation was really neat. But, I found it to be too heavy, and not sweet enough. I also didn’t like the goat cheese flavor as a dessert (even though it’s one of my favorite cheeses)
- Sticky Pudding Cake- It wasn’t sticky enough , kinda dry, and didn’t have the flavor I was looking for. Willow in Arlington has a much better version.

I wasn’t very impressed with the desserts, and I recommend sticking with a cheese course and wine to finish. In fact, maybe go to dinner elsewhere and come to Proof for some after dinner wine and cheese. It would be a perfect end! But, do give dinner at Proof a try. I don’t think I got a wide range of food there, so I may have missed out on some great eats there.

775 G Street
NW Washington, DC 20001

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