French Toast

Being snowed in last weekend was a real treat! I haven't seen such beautiful snow in the NoVa region in years. I opened up all of my shades, and spent the time making more holiday cookies while watching the snow fall. It was so peaceful and it was actually nice to be "stuck" at home, and not deal with the typical holiday madness. I also took out my homemade brioche from the freezer and made this comforting french toast for breakfast. Brioche makes the best french toast because of it's dense, yet fluffy nature. It soaks up all the yummy custard without becoming soggy like a typical bread would. The french toast recipe is as simple as it gets. This would be a fabulous brunch item if you have overnight guests for the holidays. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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Brie Puffs

Do you have the daunting task of hosting a holiday party? If so, you'll need some quick, easy apps that pleases a crowd. This one never fails, and it's my savior everytime my head's about to explode. These brie puffs, made with simple ingredients of pepper jelly and brie, make a fun, fancy, and festive canape. And take a look at the same ingredients stuffed into a pastry, transforming it into a gourmet"brie en croute". Personalize it for the holidays by topping it with a cut out like I did :) When you cut into it, the luscious cheese and jelly literally oozes out. It's insanely good! Either one is guaranteed to be gone before you know it. Play it safe and make both! Lucky for me, I'm pretty stress free this year since my sister-in-law is hosting in San Fran :) I've never spent the holidays on the west coast, and am looking forward to it. Perhaps I'll do a cookie day this weekend to take some treats with me. Happy Holidays!


Chai Spiced Snowball Cookies

It's that time of year again! Although the frigid temperatures make me feel like hibernating, I welcome the snow :) This past weekend's snowfall was a beautiful tease, and it got me craving these snowball cookies. I started making them last year and they are now a staple in my holiday cookie assortment. What I love about these is the touch of spice that sets it apart from the typical snowball cookie. It's the perfect holiday treat, curled up on your sofa with a hot cup of tea, and not a single care in the world...that is until you finish the cookie :)