Pistachio Ice Cream

With this scorching HOT weather, all I want is ice cream. Actually, I want ice cream in any weather :) It’s one of my favorites….right at the top with pizza. Nothing makes me smile more than pizza and ice cream! My favorite pizza place, 2 Amys, also (in my opinion) makes the best homemade ice cream in the city. I finally tweaked my recipe enough, and I think the taste and texture is almost identical. This recipe starts off with a Crème Anglaise base, which is heavenly in itself. It is then slow-churned and transformed into ice cream.

Once you have mastered this basic recipe, experiment, and create your own unique blend. The one I made above is pistachio flavored. I also mixed in some chocolate chips to a portion of the ice cream. Next time I’m going to make a crushed Samoa cookie ice cream!

Btw, I’m still searching for a good frozen yogurt recipe. If anyone has one, please send it my way!

Note that you will need an ice cream churner. Mine is a Kitchen aide attachment.

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