Chicken Marsala

Dinner is by far my favorite part of the day. More than half my daily thoughts revolve around “what’s for dinner?” No joke! I can’t remember when I last went without dinner…I don’t think I ever have actually. I’m guaranteed to have a rude awakening once a baby is in the picture!! But, for now, it’s my time to unwind and nothing helps me unwind more than ending a day with delicious, comforting food. Marsala has been one of my go to meals when I’m out of creative ideas for an evening dinner. I’d like to be able to whip up something new and exciting during the work week, but it’s just not practical. I’ve called upon this Marsala recipe to save the day many times, and it never fails me. It’s a warm, comforting dinner that’s ideal for the colder months to come. It’s also the perfect remedy to lift my spirits and put aside my daily frustrations.

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