Red Curry

Here's another asian dish that I was inspired to make after returning from Bali. I'm starting out basic, and maybe I'll expand later. This is just a simple beef red curry that you can make with virtually any meat and/or vegetable. My mom bought me a new wok over christmas that came in handy with this. It allows you to saute the veggies and meat super fast. This dish is incredibly easy and very quick to make on a weeknight after work.

Hope everyone's enjoying the scorching HOT weather...I for one love it!!!

See Recipe!


Sonny Gupta said...

so harshna made this dish last week...super tasty!! and not too difficult! thanks for the recipe! we really enjoyed it and are looking forward to experimenting on another of your dishes soon! btw, happy belated b-day!

culinspiration said...

Yum! I just love curries. Have you ever tried Japanese curry? It's not nearly as fiery-hot, but it's spicy savory-sweet and delicious. I made it recently with tofu cutlets. If you try it, let me know!