Slow Roasted Tomato Crostini

We're in the heart of tomato season, so I thought it was appropriate to post this delectable, summer bite. What makes these so tasty are the slow roasted tomatoes. These are so much better than store bought sundried tomatoes. Store bought ones have the the texture of beef jerkey and completely mask the true taste of tomatoes. Tomatoes scream "fresh" to me, and slow roasting them takes the inherent freshness to another level. After discovering how easy homemade slow roasted tomatoes are, I've sworn off sun dried tomatoes. The flavor concentrates, popping in your mouth, and the texture is so soft and delicate. I don't know how else to describe it. These are very versatile too. I have them pictured on crostini, but I've also used it in sauces, pasta, and pizza. Or you could do what Neil does, and just pop them in your mouth :) A hummus made with these tomatoes would also be fantastic. Make these by the trays and freeze them for the cold months. Ugh, I hate thinking that far ahead! We still have a good while to bake in the summer sun, right?

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Poopie said...

I'm making this tonight:) Omitting the goat cheese, lol. adding some carmalized shallots too.