Chocolate Crackle Cookies

Wow, it's been a while! I wanted to get this one out for all of you participating in holiday cookie swaps. This year I added these chocolate "crackle" cookies to my holiday cookie baking. I can't get into the holiday spirit until I spend a day baking lots and lots of cookies. Each of these cookies has been a part of my daily diet lately :) Might have to do round two this weekend because I'm quickly running out! Wouldn't you much rather spend this last weekend before Christmas giving your home the aroma of cookies instead of standing in long lines at the dreadful mall?  Speaking of, I haven't even begun Christmas shopping...

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Jeanne said...

I just made these cookies. They are great and really easy. I think next time I will add some mint to them. Thanks for sharing. !!

Jeanne said...

I made 3 batches of these cookies this week and mailed them to some of our soldiers over seas. Can't wait for them to get them. These are the best cookies ever !!! Adding mint to them too is even better