Raspberry Ancho Pork Chops w/ Raspberry Caramelized Onions

Pork chops don’t have the best reputation. It’s often thought to be dry, bland, and boring. And if you’ve tried a majority of the recipes, this is probably all true. But, chefs have put a lot more emphasis on this lean “other white” meat, and there are several creative, exciting recipes out there. Get rid of those boring, apple sauce pork recipes, and give your chops a makeover with new flavors.

So, I came across two recipes that I thought combined would be perfect. One recipe called for the pork to be spiced with ancho chili spice and glazed with a raspberry sauce. Another recipe had pork chops smothered in orange marmalade onions. Well, I ended up with the picture above. I think it’s a keeper! I also posted a picture of a hot pepper Raspberry preserves I found. I thought it gave a nice kick to the recipe. If you can’t find the same jar, just add some crushed red pepper flakes to your preserves. And be creative with this. I think switching up the recipe to blackberries would be interesting too!

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Chris said...

This looks good. Mandy and I like pork chops, so I'm sure we will try something like this. Thanks, Sonal.