It’s still strawberry season, so why not highlight them with crepes! I made these for breakfast last weekend when my cousins surprised me for my 30th birthday celebration. The crepes were made in advance, because I had already planned on using them with strawberries that Neil was going to get me from the farmer’s market. Well, I “unknowingly” planned quite well for the unexpected house guests. No need to be intimidated by crepes. They are easier than pancakes and use simple, everyday ingredients. Once you have the crepes down, the possibilities for fillings are endless. Make them savory with wild mushrooms and a béchamel sauce, or make a fancy dessert with flambéed bananas and a rum sauce. Or, just eat them plain. They are delicious!! For the crepes pictured, I filled them with melted chocolate, and served with freshly sweetened whipped cream, and strawberries marinated with Grand Marnier liqueur.

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