Turkish Feast

We’ve been craving Turkish food constantly since our return from Turkey. So, we cooked a Turkish feast complete with yummy mezes, kebabs, and fresh pita bread. Why didn’t we think of this before?!?! Our menu consisted of the following:

Hummus, Dolmades, Zucchini cakes, Mixed Vegetable Spanikopitas, Grilled Eggplant/Peppers/Onions, Kebabs, Chicken Skewers, Lamb Chops, Fresh Pita Bread, and Vermicelli Rice Pilaf. I think I got it all!! Oh and we had some Turkish Delight and Baklava for dessert, compliments of Turkey. The food took me right back. Now if only I could figure out how to recreate the incredible views in my dinky backyard.

We got all of our meat from the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church and it was freshest quality meat (much better than gourmet grocery stores) and also very inexpensive! I bought a mixture of ground lamb and veal for making the kebabs. We bought lamb chops that we marinated in harissa sauce, red wine vinegar, oil, salt/pepper, and Turkish spices from Turkey. We also bought their prepared chicken skewers already marinated and ready to be grilled. The chicken skewers delicious, and didn’t need any altering…not even salt!

Anyhow, check out the recipes for the Lamb Kebabs and Fresh Pita Bread below. I’ll post the Zucchini Cakes, Mixed Veggies Spanikopitas, and Rice Pilaf soon.

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Soma said...

These look so good. Can't wait to see the rice pilaf and spanakopita recipes - two things I've always wanted to make!