Spicy Chicken Wings

So, now that summer’s over, football season is taking over our lives! I dread this time of year. Everything in Neil’s schedule revolves around football. We both went to Virginia Tech, and he’s had Hokie season tickets ever since 1999, which means random wknd trips to Blacksburg, VA. Fantasy football leagues also cut into his time…so much research, you’d think he was writing a paper. But, more importantly, he was born and raised in Pittsburgh, so the Steelers are his first love. I suppose I’m a close second. Personally, I think Steelers fans are probably the most insane of the bunch. Have you noticed that any sporting event you go to, be it baseball, hockey, etc, you’ll spot a random Joe wearing a Steeler’s jersey? Anyways, this is an obsession that I’ll never really understand, so I’ve just learned to accept it. In fact, I have to root for the Steeler’s too, b/c the crappy mood he’s in after a loss is annoying as hell. At least he doesn’t have season tickets to the Steelers!! He’s been on the waiting list for 15 years now….he even put me on the waiting list! But, year after a year, just another rejection letter :) Better luck next year!

The only thing I like about football season is the FOOD! Wings, pizza, burgers, nachos, brats etc…I absolutely love game food! And I absolutely love these spicy sriracha wings, invented by chef Michael Symon. You might remember him from The Next Iron Chef. His recipe is absolutely phenomenal. The main ingredient is the spicy chili-garlic sriracha sauce which you will find on any table in your local Asian restaurant. His unique take on chicken wings packs a lot of heat, tang, and sweetness all in one. Anyone we serve this to has raved about the sauce. This is a must try for a tailgate or on game night. We’re totally hooked!

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Chris said...

I can attest to the fact that these are delicious.

Anonymous said...

Correction...Neil did not have season tix since 1999. There was one year when he bailed out.

Poopie said...

You made this many wings?? Looks yummy:)

Christina said...

Sounds good. How spicy are these? I want to serve at a party with some Europeans (Germans) who aren't down with hot. Should I add some honey, reduce the Sriracha, etc?

thanks from a fellow Washingtonian!

christinaemason at gmail dot com

Sonal said...


They are pretty spicy, but I've served them to people that claimed not to eat hot food, and they were still chowing down. The lime cuts into the spice. Honey would be an interesting addition to this. I love them as is, but I'm all for experimenting. Let me know how they turn out with honey!

Christina said...

These were totally excellent. I made mine in the oven...they took about 1 hr. Then I mixed them with the sauce (to which I added about 1/3 c. of honey and some seasoned salt to a half recipe) and stuffed them into a crock pot. It was the perfect party food. They got even better after caramelizing a bit in the crock pot. Thanks for sharing!

Your pizza crust came out very well, too. I stirred in some chopped herbs at the point where you add olive oil. Very good.

Christina said...

Hi again,

Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I just posted a variation of it on my blog, Culinspiration