Balsamic Onion Salad

I've never been a salad person, but to balance out my increased consumption of pepperoni pizza, I've been trying to incorporate it into my diet for my little peanut. This is not at all easy for me given that my idea of a salad has always been potato or macaroni salad :) So, obviously not any salad will do. Luckily the traditional salad that I usually dodge can be easily reinvented into exotic goodness.
The word "salad" doesn't do this yummy dish justice. Loaded with balsamic onions, figs, nuts, and cheese, not only is it healthy, but it's absolutely delicious. Customize this to your own liking by switching out different types of nuts, cheese, fruit, etc. Adding some roasted chicken or even sliced steak makes this into a fabulous meal as well. I'm still not a "salad person", but I've come a long way :)

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Mama Peck said...

This sounds amazing! I'm not a big onion fan, but, I LOVE balsamic anything and I'm totally intrigued by the fun combination of ingredients. Summer is here in good ol' Arizona so a new salad recipe is always welcome. Thanks for sharing this one. :)

scent4u said...

I love this salad. I enjoy trying out new foods. This looks scrumptious. I will definitely be making this salad. Though I probably will be the only one eating it. I guess I will have to host a party with my girlfreinds.