Avocado Salad

This is probably my last post for a little while.  The doctors decided that my little one is making her debut next week.  The 9 months have treated me wonderfully and I can only hope to be as lucky for D-day!

I wanted to leave you with something easy, summery, colorful, refreshing, and cool to the tongue..much needed with the extreme summer heat this year!  I served this alongside barbecue jerk chicken and it complimented the spicy dish beautifully.  This is yet another recipe that's entirely customizable to your tastes.  I swapped out parsley for cilantro.  You can also swap out lemon for lime.  Use chickpeas or fava beans instead of black beans.  Throw in some ripe, chopped mango for even more vibrant color and a touch of sweet.  Just make it yours!

I'll try not to be gone too long. Hopefully, my peanut gives me the luxury to continue my cooking/baking passion in due time.  The bumbo seat will sure come in handy on my kitchen counter :)  And soon enough, if she's willing, I'll have my very own sous chef, as I was for my mom :)

See Recipe!


Maureen said...

Wow, this looks wonderful. I will have to try the recipe. Wishing you all the best as you welcome your little girl to the family. Congratulations in advance.

Poopie said...

I made this last night- great recipe! I added fresh pineapple and corn. Can't wait for your sous chef to get here already;)

Bhavika and James said...

Congrats Sonal! Hope everything goes well and looking forward to your posts with your little helper!

Lisa said...

Looking through your posts makes my mouth water. They all look so delicious. I have always loved trying new foods. I will have to take notes. I love to cook also. Congrats on your little one. They are so much fun. Teaching your children how to cook and enjoy food is like leaving them with a life long legacy.

janet said...

i hope the birth went well! but back to the food, that was a great recipe you posted. I tried it, and love how the black beans add a real depth to the flavour of this salad.

Fickle Cattle said...

I love avocados. Too bad they're bad for my gout. I love them with milk and ice. Some honey if I can get it, or sugar.