Corn & Black Bean Salad

Ring in Spring with this colorful, refreshing salad!  What makes this one different from other black bean salads is the addition of Cassava, AKA Yuca root.  The bite that it adds to this salad really brings it all together.  Cassava is highly underrated and probably the most overlooked root vegetable.  I'm trying to change that by using it every opportunity I get.  It's even sold at your local Safeway (at least it is at mine).  Sometimes, I simply steam the root, dice it and serve it seasoned with cumin, cayenne, salt/pepper, lemon, and olive oil.  It is addictive!  Of course, you can also fry it to make yuca fries which you may have tried at the Peruvian chicken joints.  If you do fry it, be sure to steam/cook it first, and then fry.  It is not like potatoes which can be fried from raw.  Experiment and make a mashed yuca for your next "meat/potatoes" meal, or a yuca hash topped with a runny egg.  Lots of possibilities  Potatoes, please step aside!

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The Frugal Exerciser said...

I would like to put this recipe on my blog. This is healthy and frugal.