Weeknight Bolognese

I often get asked what I cook on weeknights.  Weeknight cooking is always a dilemma for me, because mostly everything I like to make requires ample time in the kitchen, which I no longer have.  I do have a few "somewhat" quick weeknight go to meals though. Spaghetti night is one of my favorites.  But, not just any spaghetti sauce will do in my house.  I tweaked my spaghetti sauce recipe to perfection, and I find that it's very doable after the work day, even with an 11 month old trailing me around the kitchen while grabbing at my legs :)  The sauce is insanely delish and I always make enough to freeze.  I do a mix of lean ground beef and Italian sausage.  But, you can go for ground turkey, chicken, and even soy.  It's the base of the sauce that really makes it.  I like my tomato sauce recipes to have a base of celery, carrot, and onion, better known as Mirepoix in French cuisine.  Every good sauce begins with a good foundation.  If you're in the mood to experiment, try sauteed fennel as one of your bases.  It adds a great twist to the flavor profile and will compliment the sausage.  Anyways, this is not your typical spaghetti night!  If it's too much for you to take on after work, make it on a Sunday and freeze.  

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Poopie said...

Awesome recipe and SURPRISINGLY easy!!! I followed it exactly including the thyme bundle and heavy cream(no butter or sugar needed this time) only changing the meats a little bit- used pancetta instead of bacon and used a blend of beef, pork and veal in place of the sirloin and used spicy italian sausage. Everyone raved about it, thanks so much!!!