Braised Chicken with Apples

So, I guess it's back to work and life today :( I just got back late last night from spending a wonderful Thanksgiving with family in NY. The city is already gorgeous and decked out for the holiday season. Most of us spent the days following Thanksgiving walking around the city enjoying the beautiful holiday markets, spiked cider, mulled wine, and more food :) Neil spent it watching football of course. Only he would find a Hokie bar in the middle of NY city!

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, and this year was no exception. We stuffed ourselves beyond belief till the very end of the weekend. The insane amount of food we make every year just gets more and more out of hand. My family has way too many phenomenal cooks in the kitchen :) I can't even begin to list off our Thanksgiving menu without being disgusted with how much I consumed. I'm sure all of you would like to forget that as well! So, instead of posting the pies I made for Thanksgiving, I figured that a simple seasonal recipe is more suitable. It's one that's easy enough to whip up on a weeknight after work and warms the heart to keep that holiday spirit going strong.


Elinluv said...

Wow..looks yummy! Will try it out one weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe. You have a nice blog btw.:)

Poopie said...

I made this, it turned out great and was really easy to make. Thanks:)