Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Looking through my posts over the last year, I realized that I haven't posted many recipes for breakfast. So, I'm posting the pancakes that I now make almost every Sunday morning. Growing up, it was always my job to make pancakes for my younger sister and brother on the weekends. Back then, I made them using Bisquick...yes, Bisquick of all things! I got pretty sick of it over the years, and I swore off pancakes for a while after moving out. By "a while", I mean that it wasn't until last year that I even thought about making pancakes again. But, this time I attempted it sans Bisquick, and realized that it's just as simple to make from scratch, and the end product is exponentially better. Pancakes are officially back in my life :) This recipe always come out light and fluffy, the way pancakes should be. It also uses orange zest and chocolate chips as a delicious twist. Sometimes, I use lemon zest and blueberries during berry season. If you haven't already noticed, I love adding zest to many recipes. It's this subtle ingredient that makes so many dishes shine.


criscam said...

Wow. These sound much more interesting than taking the Bisquick "easy" way out. I am definitely giving the pancakes from scratch thing a try this weekend.

good post!



Poopie said...

We made these today for a brunch get together and they were a hit:) Everyone loved how fluffy they were, thanks!