Creamy Roasted Vegetable Pasta

What a night!!! We ended up going to a friend's super bowl party, and Neil handled it just fine :) He found his spot on the couch and barely moved all night. I didn't watch much of the game, and spent most of the time eating. But, I did catch the last 5 minutes, which were incredibly intense. I really thought it was over for the Steelers, and I'd end up having to take home a zombie. The final play was a godsend! I think the whole block heard Neil when Pitt finally scored the winning touchdown. He's on top of the world, and I'm just happy that this will be a good week :) So, that's that...I will no longer be writing about football in the near future. It's finally over!

Now, on to the reason for this blog...this roasted vegetable pasta is one of my favorite weeknight meals. I usually make it on a Monday or Tuesday and it lasts throughout the most of the week. I've never been one for leftovers, but this is one of the few dishes that I think tastes even better the next day. The recipe as I posted is vegetarian, but sometimes I add cooked italian sausage to it. This is definitely one where you can experiment to your own tastes. Play around with the vegetables, types of cheese, etc.

See Recipe!

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