Pork Tenderloin with Port Wine Fig Sauce

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentines and got to enjoy a long weekend! I did :) I should have posted this recipe last week since it would have been the perfect Valentine at home meal. But, you don't need an occasion for this one. It's simple enough to make on a weeknight, while being oh so "gourmet".

I made it with bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, but the port-fig sauce would be even better with duck breast. I had trouble finding duck breast that day, and didn't feel like buying the whole duckling. The pork was a great substitute and a hell of a lot more economical.

Anyways, I absolutely love fig (and port), and it's the sauce that makes this dish so delicious. I served it with balsamic glazed cippoline onions and creamy polenta. Hope you try this one!

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