Cookies n Cream Cheesecake

This weekend has been non-stop stuffing my face. My brother and Neil share the same birthday, January 24th. We kicked it off Friday night when Neil and I tried out the new restaurant, Art & Soul in DC . It's a beautiful restaurant with some promising southern inspired dishes. The fried oyster "hoe cake" is awesome! Saturday night, we had an outing with my family for both birthdays at Tandoori Nights...another eye pleasing restaurant with pretty solid Indian cuisine. I made the birthday cake, which was a lemon pound cake with raspberry mousse filling. That's my little brother's favorite combination. Neil wasn't thrilled with that "fruity" combo, and after enough pouting, I made him chocolate mousse. We even stuck a candle on it for him. Tonight (Sunday), we're going out to celebrate yet again with Neil's mom...venue TBD. I'm so incredibly stuffed! This morning I made Belgian waffles, per Neil's birthday request. Seriously, this is just insane! We're off to Bali soon for our next vacation, so I really need to get myself in check.

I'll post those aforementioned recipes eventually. Today's cheesecake recipe is one that I made for the super bowl last year. I hosted since the Steelers weren't playing, of course :) This is the creamiest, most decadent cheesecake I've ever had. It's extremely rich and heavy, so make it for a crowd or you'll end up eating it all on your own! Trust me, all my self control was lost when this hit my tongue. My internal dialogue kept telling me that "another tiny sliver won't hurt". Tiny slivers add up, and it most definitely hurt!!! I'll never learn to follow what I preach :) Anyways, this is for you, Neil...Happy Birthday and Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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