I know I should be writing about Inauguration day, but the media is doing plenty of that. So, on to the next big event....the Super Bowl is only a couple weeks away now! Very stressful time for the hubby, as the Steelers beat the Ravens on Sunday night and our now playing in the Super Bowl. I'm definitely NOT hosting anything this year. Neil doesn't want distractions. I wouldn't be surprised if he watches it in our basement in complete solitude...you know so he can "concentrate".

I'm sure many of you "normal" fans that realize you aren't actually playing the game, and simply enjoy this festive tradition will be hosting. Need help with game food? Well, try this Stromboli recipe that will definitely satisfy a group of hungry fans. Consisting of Italian meats, cheese, and bread, I think it's the perfect game food. It's gourmet enough for the females because of the ingredients, while still being manly for the men. Also, no forks/knives required.

Btw, don't forget about the spicy wings I posted a while back. These are a must for any football party! So, I'll end on a quick note for my sanity.... "Here we go Steelers....Here we go !!!"

Here's the vegetarian version of the stromboli

See Recipe!

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