Bread Pudding w/ White Chocolate Creme Anglaise

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, eating and drinking to your hearts desire :) I know I did! The holidays flew by so fast. We spent Christmas with family in sunny Orlando and then rung in the New Year at Zaytinya in DC. I usually don't like to go out to dinner for New Years, for the obvious reasons, but Zaytinya did it perfectly. They offered their entire menu, and EVERYTHING was unlimited. We got to try so many mezzes that we normally wouldn't have ordered, and the quality of food and service was right on target.

Anyways, I'm nowhere near ending this eating frenzy. Yes, I know that most people go on rigorous diets at the turn of the year, but that's never been my thing. They don't work. Just eat in moderation, people! Plus it's still winter, and I need food to warm and comfort me. So, that brings me to my next recipe. This bread pudding with strawberry preserves and white chocolate creme anglaise will provide pure comfort for the even colder months ahead. Enjoy, and don't give up indulging in 2009!

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