Spanakopitas have always been one of my favorite finger foods. I remember chasing down the servers at weddings and corporate events to get my hands on as many as possible...flakes falling on to my dress with every bite. I love the combination of spinach, onion, herbs and tangy feta all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pastry. But think about the possibilities! You could do roasted peppers, squash, mushrooms, basil, brie, GOAT CHEESE, etc. This appetizer is so versatile, that I fill it with whatever veggies/cheese I have and make “vegikopitas”. I seriously feel like Rachel Ray, giving it made-up name, but I think it’s fitting. Don’t worry, you’ll never see her “naan-chos” on this blog. I do have my limits!

The most awesome thing about these is that you can make them well in advance and freeze for months. Just transfer straight to the oven when you have an unexpected guest! This is a great meze for a Mediterranean themed night as well, as I did for the Turkish feast.

See Recipe!

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Christina said...

those sound tasty but they would look even better brushed with a bit of oil/butter and browned on top!